How to apply for a Divine Sovereign Decree.

Behind the creation of the document lies an extremely wise, knowledgeable, big-hearted and dedicated lawful team who have spent countless hours of volunteer time over days, weeks, months and years researching and creating this invaluable document for the betterment of all Humanity and providing free advice for those in need and in the process of creating the next level of support material, and there is another team of beautiful souls giving of their time and energy to create these decrees for you. They all need to support their families and put food on the table.

Please help ensure that Divine Sovereignty is accessible to all and be as generous as you can. Our DONATE button allows you to make regular, monthly donations etc.. if so inspired.

The Divine Sovereign Decree document is free to Humanity but your voluntary donations, financial gifts and support are vitally important, needed, treasured and valued. Here’s why:

The Divine Sovereign Decree is an invaluable document; truly no real price can be placed upon it because What is the price of freedom? Rest assured no one will ever be denied due to lack of funds. However, in the spirit of abundance for all, a code of honour involving an energetic exchange in the form of a monetary donation is essential in order to keep this process going. It is our fervent hope that those who can afford to donate more generously will, thus helping to cover the costs for those less financially stable or perhaps in a vulnerable situation involving the courts where funds are limited.
A donation is a gift and once a gift is given it cannot be returned, PayPal donations are not covered under PayPal buyer protection and therefore all donations and financial gifts are non-refundable.

If you are not able make a donation of financial support, we encourage you to do your part by talking to others, sharing your passion and your excitement of what declaring your Divine Sovereignty entails. By doing so you are enabling this process of releasing and freeing humanity to escalate into a Wave of Love so strong it will flood the entire world. Let it flow through Mother Earth’s jungles, rainforests, oceans, rivers and streams. Let it fill Her heart and the hearts of every man, woman and child.  We are powerful as individual Divine Sovereigns but in large numbers WE are the wave of consciousness that this world has been waiting for! Together lets send a Tsunami of High Vibrational, Loving Frequencies throughout the Planet, the Galaxy and the Universe at large.


The correct use of and spelling of names as originally used on the birth certificate is essential. Please proceed carefully and check your spelling before submitting the form.

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