We are a planetary team of Divine Sovereigns who have reclaimed our Divine Sovereignty. Our Body (land) and Soul (energy) is now back in the jurisdiction of God/Source/Infinite Intelligence, whichever label you decide to put on it.

We have incarnated on Earth at this time to break free from the shackles and chains of the human matrix/game and to stand with our brothers and sisters and to experience real freedom.


Infinite Intelligence

We have been through the courts, through the system in every way and earned our wings by seeing the system for what it is, utterly broken, devoid of love, compassion and empathy and not serving humanity through God’s Law or Universal Law.

To reclaim Divine Sovereignty over one’s self, is to be free of the control or coercion from others and to return your soul to the jurisdiction of God/Source/Infinite Intelligence.


Free Will Universe

To have the Divine gift and birthright of self-governance and the impetus to direct one’s life, requires an accurate assessment of options which reinstates the right to apply informed consent to all of our decisions.

We are living in a Free-Will Universe and therefore we have the right to informed consent. We then extend that self-governance and self-determination in the direction of one’s consciousness, which connects with the Soul/Spirit and the higher body Avatar experience and returns our Soul to the Jurisdiction of God/Source/Infinite Intelligence.


Cosmic Law & Timelines

Divine Sovereignty is an inalienable human right given from God/Source and is expressed through the Divine Law of ONENESS and Unity Consciousness.

These are the Cosmic laws that direct the complex protocols governing the movement of consciousness throughout all timelines past, present and future and in all dimensions.

Once we had completed our missions through this system, we knew that we had come back and to change it from the inside out, with compassion, understanding and unconditional love. We are here now and we are many and it is time to ascend into a new energy, a higher frequency band. It is that of Unconditional Love and Unity.


The Ascension Process

The Divine Sovereign Decree is a tool of resurrection, independence and your inalienable right to self-responsibility, self-governance, free-will and informed consent and it is here now on Planet Earth from the highest source.

The Divine Sovereign Decree brings you to go back online, fully and wholly, with a direct connection to Source. This means zero syphoning of your energy, physically and metaphysically.

When we make the reconnection to God/Source, our bodies and energies become incorruptible and fully aligned to Universal Intelligence. At this point our relationship with Gaia/Mother Earth comes back online too and we harness the full spectrum and magnetic and electromagnetic frequencies available to us. This is the original trinity between Source, Human and Earth.

Welcome to the ascension process.


Invitation to Build Divine Sovereign Communities

We are inviting professionals from all walks of life, whether medical, law, agriculture and all professionals to make themselves known to us, who wish to participate in Divine Sovereign Communities. We recognise in today’s world there are many wonderful people going against their integrity, their own inner knowing and truth and their conscience and as a result are leaving valuably trained positions and exiting the system because their conscience cannot allow them to continue. If you are a trained professional and would like to be a part of the rebuilding of the medical, lawful or any other professional system, where you are free to continue your work having a clear conscience that you are making this world a better place, please do contact us immediately, as your skills and experience will be needed for the days, months and years ahead.  Please write to us here AcademyofDivineSovereignty@protonmail.com and make yourself known to us once you have completed your Divine Sovereign Decree. If you are still applying for your Divine Sovereign Decree, please indicate your profession and willingness to help. 

Supporting Documentation and Training

In order to support you fully through this process we are currently offering the creation of extensive support documentation, training, and information on to how to use the Divine Sovereign Decree, how to exercise it’s full right, and how to serve it to the powers that were. If you wish to apply for our courses across the world please write to AcademyofDivineSovereignty@protonmail.com
WE are the Sovereign power now. No harm, no loss, no suffering, no injury and the right to exercise our free-will through conscious and informed consent.